Clipper Blades Sharperning, Dog Groomer


Clipper Blades Sharperning, Dog Groomer


Clipper blade Sharpening,  Service for  Dog Groomers Clipper Blades Such as:Oster, Aesculap, Heiniger,  Moser.

Sharpening your Clipper blades to perfection ” Sharp and Sharper The Art in Sharpening.”


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 Clippers Blades Service, Dog Groomer.

We Sharpen all models of Dog Grooming Clipper Blades such as :  Oster, Aesculap, , Heiniger, Moser to mention a few, including all other names of Blades for Dog Groomers.

  1. Measured spring.
  2. Taken apart.
  3. Cleaned and disinfected.
  4. Blade socket checked and set correctly.
  5. Sharpen in the latest machine available in the market , hollow ground Andis style plate
  6. Oiled, been the most part of care for your blades to be oiled after each day of work.
  7. Back together ensuring the blade are set correctly.
  8. We test all our work in one of our Clipper machines.

Returned to you Sharp and Sharper with care and perfection, please do note :  perhaps some fur may be on the blade, not to be alarmed is part of our testing service . ” Sharp and Sharper The Art in Sharpening.”


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