Sharpening Service, Dog Grooming Scissors


Sharpening Service, Dog Grooming Scissors


Scissor Sharpening Service, Dog Groomer Scissors , Dog Grooming, 

Sharpening your Scissors to perfection

” Sharp and Sharper The Art in Sharpening.”

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We Sharpen all types of  Dog Grooming Scissors Including Left-handed ,

Straight, Curved, Thinners and Chunkers.

Your Dog Groomer scissors are fully taken apart and serviced with care.  Attention is given to detail in our traditional method and we aim to provide you with perfection

  • Scissor Journey begins:
  1. Taken Apart.
  2. Initial inspection and cleaned.
  3. Repair any damage to the cutting edge.
  4. Begins the process in a Traditionally  Japanese water stone
  5. Re- establishing the ride line
  6. Working in dedicated and Specialist sharpening machinery for each process.
  7. Caring and cleaning  your Scissors.
  8. Oiled.
  9. The process of assemble all the parts together and further check if any are damaged.
  10. Check and adjust the tip alignment.
  11. Test cuts, making sure that your scissors cut beautifully that slices right to the tip without pulling and that is smooth cutting.
  12. This was your Scissor journey For Sharp and Sharper, will not leave our hand to till is perfect.

Reading material Dog Groomer Clipper Blades care

This was your scissors’ journey at Sharp and Sharper.  They will not leave our hands until we are satisfied.  

                                                                                                                                 ‘ Sharp and Sharper The Art in Sharpening.’





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